Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - The new "First Amendment Zone," set up in the parking lot at Bentleyville has sent two Northland Ministers back to federal Court. The ministers won an injunction last holiday season after they were prevented by the City of Duluth from preaching inside the tour of lights attraction. This year, a new contract with Nathan Bentley allows the operator of the attraction to determine who can come into the free attraction. An area of the parking lot has been set aside as a "First Amendment Zone," for anyone wishing to speak. But that's not good enough for the ministers who have gone back to court, and it's sparking reaction from the public. "We already have a first amendment zone it stretches from the Canadian border to the Mexican Border; to the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean," said a speaker at Monday night's City Council meeting. "I think the administration of this city ought to be ashamed of themselves." Councilor Jim Stauber voiced his concern at the meeting as well. He questioned how a "First Amendment Zone" could be established in the city without Council involvement. Michelle Lee mlee@kbjr.com