Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - Usually when you think of a flash mob, thousands of people dancing may come to mind, but there was no dancing at this flash mob. A group of concerned citizens held a "flash mob" at a foreclosed home Thursday night. The home foreclosure rate in the state of Minnesota is down 16 percent from 2012, but it is still a continuing problem. The flash mob was a group of community members who say they're concerned about homelessness and the number of vacant homes in Duluth. The group says there are more people in Duluth sleeping outside and that there are nearly 500 kids in Duluth schools who are homeless. A recent report published by the Minnesota Homeownership Center, says close to 18,000 homes were foreclosed in the state least year. The group is asking for the city to use eminent domain and put foreclosed homes back on the market as affordable housing. "If it's a human right then you have to have the means to provide housing for those who need it and want it and we think that is very possible in Duluth, in a city this size and conscious as Duluth," said Donna Howard one of the organizers for the flash mob. The home used as the backdrop for tonight's flash mob has been vacant for about four years. Organizers say the owner was unable to pay the mortgage and moved out. This owner isn't the only one who is suffering from the stress of having their home foreclosed. An elderly couple killed themselves in Anoka County on Thursday, allegedly because of a notice of being evicted from their home. Posted to the web by Kati Anderson. kanderson@kbjr.com