Hitting The Gym In 2013? Enrollment Boost At Local Fitness Center

By KBJR News 1

January 4, 2013 Updated Jan 4, 2013 at 8:18 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - We have just hours of the New Year under our belt and for some Northlanders, what else is under their belt is a top priority.

For many, it's safe to say signing up for a new gym membership was priority number on this the first day of 2013.

2013 is upon us and for many Northlanders, cracking old habits and making personal enhancements is a top priority.

"It's kind of the core of the winter and it's hard to do a lot of normal activities outside," Ben Bishop, a new YMCA member, said.

At Duluth's YMCA, more than 60 new gym memberships were issued just hours into the New Year.

"I think it just–it excites people. Their whole mindset is just like, alright, we are going to make it happen this year. We're going to try something new," Angel Hohenstein, Duluth YMCA Membership Services Coordinator, said.

With the rise in memberships and New Year's resolutions, Hohenstein says it's the goal of the YMCA staff to help members achieve their missions.

"We'll see a lot of new people in the gym for the next two months," Hohenstein said.

Ok, so new members are joining, but what about the workout?

If your goal is just to get back in the habit, the YMCA has a wellness coach that may have a few tips that could be of interest to you.

"Sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction," Kelcie Driessen, Duluth YMCA Wellenss Coach, said.

Driessen says members have questions ranging from stretching to how to lose weight.

"There are a couple things we do. If they are just starting out, we generally will give them a quick rundown of all the equipment in the room and we have a card for them with all of the equipment names on it," Driessen said.

If you find treadmills unappealing, Driessen says to give them a chance.

"One of the nice things is you can see your distance, so if you're running outside, you don't always know exactly how far you're going. On the treadmill, it says exactly how far you're going," Driessen said.

Next, Dreissen says to continue with a few sets of core workouts.
There are several stations work on abdominal areas and Dreissen says if you have questions on form, be sure to speak up.

Staying motivated also means to add variety to your workout.

Dreissen says to mix up your routines from workout to workout.

Tips and tricks to help you fulfill your new year's resolution to lose weight and gain a better feeling.

To encourage New Year's resolutions, the fitness center is offering a discount to new members all week long.

For more details, you can go to the Duluth YMCA website here: http://www.duluthymca.org/

Justin Reis, NNC.