DULUTH, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - In a couple days, little luxuries like buying a lottery ticket or camping in a Minnesota State park could become a thing of the past, but Governor Mark Dayton and GOP leaders hope it won't come to that. Leaders say there's still hope for a compromise on a new state budget before the deadline. Governor Mark Dayton came out of negotiations this afternoon saying talks were productive. Both Republicans leaders and the Governor say spending on health and human services remain a sticking point right now in their efforts to resolve a $5-billion budget deficit. Dayton said not every piece of the budget has to be final by Thursday night because, if need be, lawmakers could pass an interim bill to temporarily fund operations. Governor Dayton says tomorrow will have to bring a significant breakthrough in negotiations to prevent a government shutdown. Meanwhile, Tony Sertich, Commissioner of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board says the board is prepared, if a government shutdown happens and has its own interim budget. "We just sit waiting like every other Minnesotan to see what the outcome is of the negociations, but we are planning for the event of a government shutdown," said Sertich. Many government agencies will be limited or stopped under a government shutdown. So it's good to think ahead if you need to do something like get a driver's license renewed. Lottery tickets will not be sold or redeemed during a shutdown, however, game drawings for all in-state and multi-state games will continue, so if you want to play you would have to buy your tickets before Friday. Posted to Web by Jena Pike jpike@northlandsnewscenter.com