International record store day creates buzz in the Twin Ports

By KBJR News 1

April 19, 2014 Updated Apr 19, 2014 at 6:10 PM CDT

Twin Ports (NNCNOW.com) --- International Record Store Day has sparked excitement for Twin Ports vinyl store owners and customers.

The buzz created by the holiday has been music to their ears.

The third Saturday of every April symbolizes a special musical holiday that is celebrated internationally.

"We had 20 people lined up outside waiting to get in when we opened, braving the elements; it's a big day," said Tom Unterberger, co-owner of Vinyl Cave in Superior.

For the store, International Record Store day signifies their most profitable day of the year.

"It's like a single day of Christmas."

In the Twin Ports independent record stores sell limited editions of vinyl on this unique holiday.

Vinyl enthusiasts say there are many different reasons why they prefer putting the needle to the wax.

"Some like the physical presence of having vinyl in their hands, the artwork rather than an mp3 where there's nothing; people like the nostalgia like they had vinyl as kids and they're getting back into it again... there's a different sound to it," said Unterberger.

"It's got a richer, warmer sound, and it's more of an interactive experience," said Carrie Brown, general manager of Electric Fetus in Duluth.

Duluth-based record label Chaperone Records features most of their artists on vinyl format.

Dan Branovan, records clerk at Electric Fetus in Duluth, says it's exciting to listen to records of artists that you've personally seen throughout the Northland.

"It's really cool to see local bands puttin' out wax. It's something that you haven't seen done in decades, ya know, but now that vinyl is having that resurgence and they're puttin' them out... It's super cool," said Branovan.

Electric Fetus also celebrated the holiday with live music.
The store had five local bands play throughout the afternoon.

"It's just cool to be able to like really have that whole music community come together over something as sweet as record store day."

The special holiday continues to bring together artists, young and old, across the world, under a musical format that, for now, is still withstanding the test of time...

Although the St. Cloud Electric Fetus announced their closure earlier this year, managers at the Duluth Electric Fetus say their store is going strong.

They say International Record Store Day is a great example of the strength of our Duluth music scene.

Elsa Robins