Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- Some Duluth students are being recognized for their efforts to keep school a peaceful place to learn. Dozens of Laura MacArthur Elementary students received a certificate and were honored during school assemblies on Thursday for good behavior. With money raised, in part, from a McDonalds McTeacher Night Program, every student in the school was given a blue Peacemaker shirt. Each honored student was nominated by a teacher for being focused, cooperative and appropriate. “Be focused on the teachers when they are talking, do appropriate things, and be cooperative, Ethan Strom, a student who won a peacemaker award said. “If the teacher tells you to do something you should do it." Students were also taught how to properly accept an award, by grabbing a certificate with the bottom hand and shaking with the top. And then, of course, turning and smiling at the camera.