Legalized Drag Racing In Duluth?

By KBJR News 1

May 31, 2011 Updated May 31, 2011 at 6:58 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) -- Legalized drag racing could soon come to Duluth...for one day anyway.

The KIA of Duluth Time Trials and Car Show have organized timed races on Garfield Avenue for four years.

LeAnn Wallace has the details.

Once a year, controlled time–trials take place on Garfield Avenue in Lincoln Park. Now organizers want to throw drag racing into the mix for a one–of–a–kind event.

Illegal drag racing has been an ongoing issue on Garfield Avenue for years. Ryan Kern, one of the show's organizers says he wants to create a safe atmosphere for racers to drag race legally for this year's event.

It's unique because drag racing is usually only done legally on race tracks...not public streets.

Kern says the time–trial event has been a success and safe in years past.

A time trial is when drivers race against the clock...a drag race aims to bring even more competition to the race.

"Drag racing is when two vehicles are going head to head not necessarily against the clock, they're still being timed but now you've got competition, you're racing a guy in the lane next to you to see who reaches the finish line first," said Kern.

When Kia of Duluth and Kernz and Company originally organized the time–trial races four years ago, they had to get the okay from both the city council and city law enforcement.

Kern says he's gotten the green light from Duluth police to add drag racing...but that additional safety requirements need to be met.

More barriers and safety officials are among the things they'd need for the drag racing to go forward as planned.

That of course comes with a price tag, they're hoping area residents and businesses will help sponsor the event.

Around 2,500 racers and spectators have attended the event in years past. Kern says if drag racing were to be added to the event, that number could at least double.

The KIA Time Trials and Car Show is set to take place on Sunday September 11th.