"Mosquito Squad" Helping To Ward Off Heightened Tick And Mosquito Season

By KBJR News 1

April 24, 2012 Updated Apr 24, 2012 at 10:40 PM CDT

Duluth, MN - (Northland's NewsCenter) - Minnesota's dry fall coupled with the unusual stretch of warm weather this winter has led to earlier than normal tick activity but with the recent rainfall,we could also be seeing a robust mosquito season as well.

As Northlanders plan their summer outings many are concerned about the pesky blood suckers...and the diseases they can carry.
But a new company in the Northland could make it easier to ward them off.

The on-going unseasonably warm temperatures across the Northland are making for an unpleasant tick and mosquito season.

"We were looking like it wasn't going to be a bad year at all and then we had a week of two inches of rain and that raised the river levels by two-feet...and so the mosquitoes are going to be coming as soon as we get a little warmer weather," says owner of Mosquito Squad of NE Minnesota, Mark Fenlason.

Creating disappointment for many people hoping to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

"We tend to have more mosquitoes and last year I didn't spend every much time out on our deck because the mosquitoes were so bothersome," says Duluth resident, Jacquie Semaan.

That's why Semann called the Mosquito Squad, a company out of North East Minnesota, that promises to fix those pesky insect problems that plague many properties.

"We can be out on our deck, we can be in our yard and we don't have to worry either we're picking ticks off the dog or the children," Semaan says.

Semaan says the improvement is noticeable.

"It's really going to increase our quality of life this year in being able to be out and be active and spend time together outside without those worries," Semaan says.

Mosquito applicators come out and assess homeowners yards, indicating where the problem and breeding areas are...and then gives the homeowner the solution.

"We can also treat in the wooded areas around the yard...and we're able to eliminate 95-percent of the larval ticks, which are typically hard to get," Fenlason says.

The Mosquito Squad, whose services are now available in the Northland, typically comes out two-to-six times during the summer to spray.

"That's helping for not only that year that we're doing it, but also the next several years...as ticks have a three year life cycle," Fenlason says.

A welcomed change for the Semaan family.

"I'm looking forward to a year of no mosquitoes and no ticks," says Semaan.

Fenlason says clearing out areas where lawn and tree debris gather, eliminating leaf litter and brushes around the house and lawn edges that are popular hiding places for ticks and mosquitoes will also help cut down on the problem.