New device helps outdoorsman to breathe easy in cold temps

By KBJR News 1

February 2, 2014 Updated Feb 3, 2014 at 9:52 AM CDT


A new breathing device, called LungPlus is helping active winter enthusiasts breathe easier in cold temperatures.

The mouth device recycles the air you breathe to make winter activities more tolerable.

"And it changed breathing for me in the winter...I saw the foreign skiers with this thing in their mouth and the Japanese and the Norwegians and I wondered what it was. Somebody said they thought it was a breathing device and I had no idea!"," says Eve Graves, LungPlus distributor.

After months of searching for the device, she contacted the Swedish based inventor and talked him into making Graves a primary distributor of the device in the United States.

Graves had passed the device along to the Duluth East Ski team to help improve their performance.

"I was really interested because I've always had trouble on cold days, because of my asthma and it just seemed like a great idea to try it out," says Joseph Rauzi, ski team member.

The device is made up of canals of aluminum covered with FDA tested Santoprene, acting as a humidity and heat exchanger, recycling the cold air...giving winter athletes relief from breathing problems.

"One who has pretty severe issues with breathing said that it's the first time he has walked to his car without coughing. People are using it for a variety of reasons," adds Graves.

LungPlus was created by a former Swedish Armed Forces member and self proclaimed "gadget freak' who wanted to make extensive outdoor sports more enjoyable.

For more information on the product, visit lungplususa.com