Overnight storm damage in Northland causes costly burden for many

By KBJR News 1

July 22, 2014 Updated Jul 22, 2014 at 7:13 PM CDT

Iron Range, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- Reports of Monday night storm damage continues to pour in throughout the Northland, as crews work to pick up debris from fallen trees, broken windows, and sunken docks.

At the height of the summer storm nearly 24,000 people were without power across the region.

"We were hit just system wide... completely system wide," said Tami Zaun of Lake Country Power.

The Eveleth-Virginia Airport, along with many Iron Range homes, are now dealing with the aftermath.

"We got one hangar that the roof removed," said Gary Ulman, airport manager of the Eveleth-Virginia Airport.

Two hangars were destroyed, each housing a single airplane.

"A lot of hangars received damage from the flying debris," said Ulman.

Meanwhile some Iron range firefighters battled a lightning strike fire in the attic of a Gilbert family's home.

"Immediately you could smell this awful icky burning," said new home owner Mikayla Walczak.

Walczak says she only moved in last week.

"We jumped up all of our windows were open... jumped up to close them, then next thing you know... I mean I heard this huge crash," she said.

The crashing of falling trees...sounds that were heard by many Monday night.

"Tree on the garage, the house, in our field, over the boat. Debris from neighbors is all over our yard," said Julie Tini, whose home was damaged severely in the storm.

Many said they weren't sure what the crashes were... and without power, it was hard to see until lightening lit up the sky.

"I got a flashlight and I'm looking through the windows and I seen... I go, 'Dante it's trees! There's trees covering our windows,'" said Tini.

Others felt like they were trapped in the Wizard of Oz.

Hunter and his friend were sleeping in a small cabin, outside their house, when they began to feel the strong winds.

"We were just sitting there and all of a sudden the curtains started like pushing in really hard. Then all of a sudden it just went (crash noise). And there went one tree," said Hunter Thome.

The storm's damage has created a costly burden.

"We're going to need two new roofs, once the debris gets off so they can see the damage, cause we had shingles all over the yard," said Tini.

The unforeseen spending that comes with unexpected damage.

Power remains out throughout much of the Northland, but crews are working hard to restore all power and fix any damaged power lines.

Elsa Robins