Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.COM) The traffic flow on Duluth's Park Point may be changing. What's known as the S curve on Minnesota Avenue on the Point has been the source of many accidents over the years. "That's where you encounter a high speed turn. It's designed for you to go a little faster. All of a sudden you get away from the buildings so you may think it's open, also I think what happens is people are looking for the beach access destination," says Keith Hamre Director of Planning and Construction Services. Several solutions are being considered to enhance safety. The first option would disconnect Lake Avenue from Minnesota Ave near the bridge. This would allow traffic to follow Minnesota Avenue to 13th where the road would dead end and turn into a bike path. Another alternative... "One way pairs. So you'd go down Minnesota Ave. going south and going North you'd come back along Lake Ave. creating one or two travel ways of one way," Hamre adds. But some Park Point residents say no changes are needed. "I think it's just fine the way it is. I think the city's money could be spent better on maintaining and enforcing when the street is dug up for utility service. I'd like to see the city make sure that when the road is dug up it's put back in the exact same condition that is was before," says Captain Tom Mackay. Both S curve options would result in the relocation of two to four homes. "If anything established quickly so that people aren't building and remodeling their homes and doing things and all of a sudden here's the plan years later and now they have to tear down nice homes," Mackay adds. However, Mackay does agree with the city on creating more bike paths. "If they are over on the bayside they're in and out of traffic and it hazardous to them and tough on drivers too." Plans are dependent upon municipal state aid and will not be put into action until at least 2021. The road plans will be discussed further at an open house on October 30th. Posted to the web by Gabrielle Ware gware@kbjr.com