Duluth city councilors vote against moving "s" curve along Park Point

By KBJR News 1

May 27, 2014 Updated May 28, 2014 at 10:51 AM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- The future of Park Point has become a sensitive subject for many on the narrow sand spit.

Tuesday night city councilors voted against moving the "s" curve along the point.

Tuesday night's action on the Park Point Small Area Plan drew a crowd of over 100 residents with strong opinions to the Duluth city council meeting.

There were four different plans seeking approval Tuesday night, two of which were approved.

The council voted against moving the "s" curve along the point up four blocks closer to the bridge, which aimed to alleviate traffic flow.

They also voted against improving two sections of the roadway along the point.

However, the council did approve proposals to improve future utilities and infrastructure, and establish the right-of-ways for public parking and beach access.

Neighbors at the meeting who were against the plan said moving the "s" curve wouldn't a fix a traffic problem, but rather create one.

"We need to pass the right plan and sometimes the right plan is to leave things the way they are," said Burke Edgerton who lives along the point.

"Where is the public good and public benefit? You're moving an "s" curve from one area closer to the bridge, you're creating problems, you're not solving," said Mike Medlin who also lives along the point.

"80 mature trees will be gone. The reason that this is most distressing is that it's not needed," said Betty Sola, another Park Pointer.

One city councilor says they've received a number of emails from those in favor of the plan, but say they're not willing to come forward due to the strong opposition.

Those opposed to the small plan wore caution tape around their arms to Tuesday's meeting as a sign of solidarity in their stance.

Councilors say the earliest implementation would be 2021.

Elsa Robins