People celebrate May Day in the Twin Ports

By KBJR News 1

May 1, 2014 Updated May 1, 2014 at 9:43 PM CDT

Duluth, Minn. (NNCNOW.com) -- People around the world commemorated May Day on Thursday; a pivotal point in the history of worker's rights.

The first International Workers day was celebrated in the United States in commemoration of the Haymarket Affair that occurred in Chicago in 1886. Now, Occupy Duluth is carrying on the celebration.

"I believe May Day needs to be celebrated by people coming together to celebrate philosophies different from capitalism and get back the plurality in politics," said Jessie Peterson, who orgainzed the rally outside of City Hall.

People recognized the establishment of an 8 hour work day and a 40 hour work week that came out of workers standing up for their rights.

"That's what we want to pay attention to and celebrate, that we are the determiners of our future, we are the ones that can decide what kind of world we want if we get together and work for it cooperatively," said Bob Kosuth, an instructor at UW-Superior.

Meanwhile in Canal Park, May Day signified a new beginning for the Anishinaabeg community.

Members and supports gathered to remember and support the victims of sex trafficking.

"We have had trafficking going on in the harbor of primarily indigenous people for many, many generations and we don't know how many people have been taken out of this harbor and never come home," said Reyna Crow.

Following a presentation participants walked to the shore of Lake Superior and laid flowers in support those harmed by sex trafficking.

Posted to the web by Kati Anderson.