Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - The Women's Care Center in downtown Duluth is completed, now the facility just needs furniture and the necessities required for its crisis pregnancy program. In the location that was once a lone parking lot, local donors contributed more than six hundred thousand dollars to the project that will serve Northlanders in need of education surrounding parenting, adoption, miscarriage and abortion. Terminating a pregnancy is not a service the Women's Care Center will offer, however, across the street at the Building for Women, home of the Women's Health Center, abortion services are provided. The mission of the center is to offer all options once a pregnancy has occurred, however there is still mixed reactions from the community. "Well, we wouldn't steer a woman anyway, anywhere she didn't want to go. We are here, our doors are open, we are free, our services aren't going to cost us anything. We are not judgmental no matter how a woman chooses to deal with her pregnancy. She will never find judgement at the Women's Care Center," Jodi Stauber, Director of Women's Care Center, said. "They usually open in areas close to an abortion clinic or a reproductive care facility so they can deceive women and confuse them about where women should go to receive the type of legal medical care that she is entitled to under the fed4eral constitution," Executive Director of Women's Health Center, said. Casey says she expects the number of picketers to increase with the opening of the new crisis pregnancy center across the street. The Women's Care Center is scheduled to open in March. Justin Reis, NNC. jreis@kbjr.com