Superior, WI ( --- For the second year in a row, financial experts in Superior say that property tax rates for residential and business properties are decreasing. The tax rate for 2013 is projected to decrease to $21.94/$1000 compared with the tax rate for 2012 at $22.15/$1000. For example, a home valued at $150,000 will translate into $3,291 in property taxes in 2013 compared with $3,323 in property taxes in 2012. “This good news is the result of a combination of a number of measures”, stated Mayor Bruce Hagen. “City departments and operations have held the line on expenditures, managed budgets and continued to provide direct services without budget overruns." Hagen expressed his appreciation to the Common Council, all departments, other taxing authorities and the people of Superior in order to bring down property tax rates in the city. “We have been fortunate, through the good, hard work within the private sector, to witness the assessed value in the community to increase by 2.7% , which allows for the reduced tax rate”. Posted to the web by Krista Burns