Duluth, MN - (Northland's NewsCenter) - Proposed changes to Minnesota building and energy codes could make buying and building homes more expensive. The new codes would require more energy efficient windows, more insulation in attics and basements as well as add fire sprinklers to every new home. And while policy makers try to promote greater energy efficiency homes...it could come with a hefty price tag...a burden some builders say consumers might not be willing to shoulder in these tough economic times. President of Arrowhead Builders Association, Jim Wellner, says he thinks the energy codes are a good idea...but the fire sprinkler system, which is the most expensive part, should not be required. "It will add cost. The thing is, it will add cost to everybody. The energy part could be a good thing, but it will add cost to them and to me that's not necessarily what a homeowner...it should be their choice," Wellner says. If passed, the required energy codes could add upwards of 20-thousand dollars to the price of a new home. Danyel Piecek dpiecek@northlandsnewscenter.com