Pumpkin Season Here

By KBJR News 1

October 11, 2013 Updated Oct 11, 2013 at 6:34 PM CDT


With Halloween just around the corner people have pumpkins on the brain.

And according to local farmers this year's crop may be smaller but it's not in short supply.

Seeds of success a program of Community Action Duluth only planted a few seeds but pulled 48 pumpkins out of the ground or 330 pounds of pumpkin.

"We just put them into a heavy clay soil out at growing farms out at Rice Lake township, we gave them a little bit of drip irrigation and kind of let them go and they turned out fabulous," says Sarah Lee, Outreach Manager of Seeds of Success.

However, the unusually long winter did have some effect.

"We weren't able to put the plants in quite as early as you would want to, to have a larger crop, mostly that some of your pumpkins would be able to get larger or that there might be a few more on each vine," adds Lee.

The result was small to medium sized pumpkins weighing approximately seven pounds each.

Still, one farmer had a particularly large crop.

"Usually when I get into things I'm very intense and...people are fascinated with large pumpkins, they always have been," says local pumpkin grower Danny Tanner.

Tanner's pumpkin weighs 400 lbs. But during more favorable weather conditions he can grow them even larger.

"The biggest I've grown is 615."

He gives tips to those thinking of growing but may be wary of another long winter getting in the way.

"A lot of water it can take up to 6 gallons a day. And I have protective devices over them to keep hail from damaging them," says Tanner.

And of course, dedication...

"I think pumpkin growing is a passion. And it gets to be a lifelong commitment. You just do it. Every year you start them, you know it's going to be hard when you have to lift them but you still do it," adds Tanner.

Tanner had to use a tarp and several people to lift his 400 pound pumpkin.

It is on exhibit at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Posted to the web by Gabrielle Ware