Rick Nolan urges President Obama to resist military involvement in Syria

By KBJR News 1

August 29, 2014 Updated Aug 29, 2014 at 10:54 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- Rep. Rick Nolan (D - Minn.) is urging President Barack Obama to resist military involvement in the Syrian conflicts.

"I directed Secretary Hagel and our joint chiefs of staff to prepare a range of options," President Obama said Thursday.

One day after President Obama acknowledged that he is considering military action against the Islamic militant group known as ISIS, Rep. Nolan urged the President to not make a unilateral decision to escalate American military involvement without the approval and consent of the United States Congress.

"...American blood and treasury should not be made without the full consideration by all 535 members of the Congress of the United States," Rep. Nolan said Friday.

When Congress convenes in September, Nolan said he will only support humanitarian efforts in the conflict in Syria.

"When we get ourselves involved in that conflict, then we become a part of the problem and the solution becomes ours," Rep. Nolan said.

Rep. Nolan applauded the President's position on not wanting to put American troops on Syrian soil.

"If you don't have a strategy to win whatever it is that you are engaged in then you shouldn't get involved in it," Rep. Nolan said.

Involved in the discussion is the belief that terrorist organizations are targeting Minnesota's high Somalian and African population, adding to the belief that Minnesota is being used as a hot bed for potential recruitment in terrorist activity.

"I don't think it is accidental. I think it is the fact that there are so many Muslims from Somalia who reside here in Minnesota that it is almost inevitable that some of those people who would choose to join the conflict would be coming from Minnesota," Rep. Nolan said.

U.S. officials believe Douglas Mcarthur McCain, from Minnesota, died fighting for ISIS during a battle near Aleppo.

McCain was raised Christian in suburban Minneapolis, but converted to Islam ten years ago.

U.S. Intelligence has identified one dozen Americans who are fighting for ISIS in Syria.

Rep. Nolan added that he also thinks the conflict in Syria should be resolved by the people in the Middle East.

Nick Minock