Robots have invaded the DECC in Duluth.

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March 8, 2013 Updated Mar 8, 2013 at 7:47 PM CDT


Robots have invaded the DECC in Duluth.

Northland high school students traveled from all over the region to see their mechanical creations go head to head in the First Robotics Lake Superior and Northern Lights Regionals.

The number of competitors in the event has almost doubled since last year.

"It gives kids that aren't necessarily that much into sports a sporting outlet. So it really allows them to use their physical skills to be competitive on the field," says Mark Lawrence Chairman of First Robotics Planning Commitee.

The competition is tough. The students only had a little over a month to build a robot that can shoot Frisbees and climb a pyramid.

"Me being not on a robotics team before was like oh my gosh how are we going to do this, this is crazy," says Austin Fuller of the Denfeld High School Team.

But for many first timers at the DECC Thursday, just getting a chance to compete is worth the work.

"I've always wanted to do robotics...this is what the whole six weeks has been leading up to, and I am really excited for it," Fuller adds.

Although, it's a competition to some students, it much more than that.

"The highest prize isn't winning...Just the excitement of the competition and helping other teams," says Brett Nason of Team 93 who traveled from Appleton, WI.

Archer Racing Accessories donated a mobile machine shop for students to use, and owner John Archer says he's seen everything.

"From a fork off your kitchen table, to a butter knife to a spatula to a part from a car that really shouldn't be being used for what they're using it for but they make it work."

It's practice makes perfect for the big competition on Saturday.

The Chairman of the First Robotics Planning committee says he became involved in the program after seeing the need for more young adults going into scientific and technical fields.

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