Romney/Obama Masks Sell Steadily in Northland this Halloween

By KBJR News 1

November 1, 2012 Updated Nov 1, 2012 at 2:58 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - It was a costume craze that exploded in the 60s with Richard Nixon, and political figures like Sarah Palin only helped solidify the trend in the following decades.

Now, in 2012, Obama and Romney have been taken off the podium and onto the retail racks of countless costume stores.

Manager Bernadine Spinner, at Party America, says both the President and VP masks have been selling at a steady rate: "On average, I would say probably 7 to 10 a week."

While the sales—like the polls—have been close, Spinner says one is still outselling the other: "It just so happens to be Obama."

And, while many Obama supporters hope that mask sales reflect on the outcome of the election, Spinner says having former President Bill Clinton in Duluth on Tuesday could have been a factor in the high demand.

"[On Tuesday], we saw a big boom in selling those masks. So, we are currently out of Obama masks," said Spinner.

It makes sense, but according to some costume shoppers, this election season has been, at times, so ridiculous it's scary.

"It's pretty much a joke. I mean, look who we have running—they're pretty much jokes. So... why not dress up as them? It's pretty scary looking toward the future. It's Halloween—it's a scary day—so, why not dress up like a President?" asked Alabama native Isaiah Taylor, who's currently living in Duluth.

And, for retailers, there's value added to the political costume. Spinner says they will be restocking masks soon, to prepare for "political party" sales that she says hundreds of Northlanders will be throwing on November 6th.

"We've had [the masks] since July 4th—even before that—and we'll continue having them," said Spinner.

...a Halloween costume that even sells after Halloween? It sounds like a great way to boost the economy, and that's something every President wants.

And, according to shoppers, what was the number one reason to go as Governor Romney this Halloween: because he has excellent "Halloween hair."