Duluth, MN (NNC NOW) - With the deadline less than a week away the Duluth Salvation Army says they're short 3000 toys from their 5600 toy goal for this year's Toyland Express. They're asking people to act fast before Tuesday's distribution deadline. According to Emergency Services Program Manager Nancy Leslie, 2800 children ranging from infants to 16 years old depend on the Toyland Express gift drive for their Christmas presents. While teenage–range presents are in the highest demand, Leslie says they're more than willing to take toys for any age group. "I need lots of toys to come in between now and next Tuesday in order for all these kids to get their Christmas presents, because if I don't get toys, neither do the children—and that's not going to happen. I don't need that to happen on our watch," said Leslie. You can drop off your toy donations here, at our studio in Canal Park or at the Salvation Army's 27th Avenue West location. Or you can find a list of 175 official drop–off locations throughout the community RIGHT HERE