Esko,MN ( Imagine farming a hundred years ago. The day is hot and you're shrouded in wood smoke tending the fire in a steam powered tractor. Every year, the folks in Esko re–imagine those days at the annual Lakehead Harvest Reunion. Spencer Lee comes from Roseau County Minnesota for the show and finds it immensely enjoyable. "It is. It is. I come 225 miles down here just to do this." said Lee. This is the 52nd reunion for fans of old time farm equipment and all things steam powered. Zeke Harvey of Alborn brought the kid sized steam train that used to run around the Duluth zoo. "I rode this train in 1946 when I was about six years old and wanted one ever since." said Harvey. A few years ago, Harvey bought the old zoo train as a couple of tons of rusty parts. The cars are almost done but the engine wasn't ready for this year's show. "I was hoping to have some track to roll it back and forth on this year but next year is another so we'll give it another try." said Harvey. To Spencer Lee, the best part of the Lakehead Harvest Reunion is watching senior citizens briefly revisit their youth. "Some of the old timers come and they watch what we're doing and they say I remember doing this when I was young, you know. Some of them will get teary eyed. I've seen that happen." said Lee. In Esko, Dave Anderson, KBJR 6 and Range 11. The first Lakehead Harvest Reunion took place in the summer of 1961 with two antique tractors and a thresher.