Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - In what's being called a "bold advertising move," some customers have gotten tattoos with the words "Last Place on Earth," or the initials "L.P.O.E." incorporated into the design in some form. It's part of a store promotion, says Carlson, that started in April. Carlson then reimburses the patron up to $150, plus a tip to the tattoo artist, and also offers the patron $65 to $130 worth of what he calls incense--what law enforcement calls synthetic marijuana. The store has been served two nuisance notices and been raided three times since incense appeared on the shelves. But, that isn't stopping people from being proud of their fresh ink. "I love it, I love it! I got it five days ago, and it's already healed. I'm proud of it," said 28-year-old Sancie Udovich, displaying her fresh, and colorful, butterfly tattoo with both "Last Place on Earth" and "J.C." in cursive. "J.C." stands for Jim Carlson, who Udovich says has been a long-time friend. Most of the tattoos have been done, at Carlson's suggestion, at Bones Specialty Tattoos, in West Duluth. Carlson says about 200 people have gone under the needle so far. - Posted to the Web by Billy Wagness