Morrison Co., MN (NNC NOW) - Two teenage cousins from central Minnesota who were killed on Thanksgiving after they allegedly broke–in to a man's home have been identified. According to our partners at the Duluth News Tribune, the victims have been identified as 18–year–old Haile Kifer and 17–year–old Nicholas Brady. The Morrison County Sheriff's Department says the alleged shooter, 64–year–old Byron David Smith of Little Falls, admitted he had shot and killed the teens after they allegedly broke into his home on Thursday. Smith confessed the shooting to authorities a day later after they came to his house on a suspicious behavior call. Those who knew the victims say they'll be missed. "was a really happy guy fun to be around he'd always joke around pull pranks but a real caring kinda guy." Smith is in custody, being held for second–degree murder. He is likely to be charged Monday.