DULUTH, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - It was a community effort to put together a holiday feast Tuesday afternoon meant for teens facing homelessness in Duluth. We spoke with those behind the Life House Thanksgiving buffet. "Imagine yourself not having a warm place to go to or to sleep at night, on any day of the year that's difficult but especially during the holidays when you have a lot of messages talking about being with family," said Jeff Woolverton, Life House Development Director. "I don't really have a Thanksgiving dinner," said Life House Youth Mary-Elizabeth Allen. "For the past few years now, we've had the Duluth Rotary Club 25 both donate the food and prepare the food," said Woolverton. "We have a couple of different members that operate restaurants here, and they volunteer to prepare the food at no cost to Life House, "said Bob Sherman of Rotary Club 25. "We all come together and it's like one big happy family, "said Allen. "We also have pies donated by St. Paul's Episcopal Church, which is a great thing to have because what's thanks giving without pie," said Woolverton. "And then they sit down and enjoy the meal together." "We try to connect with these kids, get to know them, let them know that there are people in the community that care about them and that we're here to help them," said Sherman. "Sometimes you find these youth that come once in a while or they used to come, but then they come back and it's really good to see," said Allen. "In past year's we've gone around the room all the youth sitting down along with other community members just vocalizing what they're thankful for," said Woolverton. "I'm just really grateful for all of this...I want to go into social work program and help people out how I was," said Allen. The Rotary Club also puts on a holiday dinner in December around Christmas time. Posted to Web by Jena Pike jpike@northlandsnewscenter.com