The American Cancer Society Seeks Volunteers for Nationwide Study

By KBJR News 1

February 27, 2013 Updated Feb 28, 2013 at 12:07 AM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.COM) - The American Cancer Society is conducting a nationwide prevention study, but they are in desperate need for more volunteers to make it possible.

One woman has beaten all the odds, and is now working to enlist others in the fight against cancer.

The plan is to track a group of volunteers over the course of 20–30 years to help identify the triggers of cancer.

"Every few years you'll get another survey to do through the internet or by mail if you don't have a computer, and they just follow how your life goes," says Patti Maguire a long time ACS volunteer.

Anyone between the ages of 30 to 65 that has never had cancer is eligible to volunteer.

"If you're still alive at 65, you've done something right," Patti continues.

ACS Duluth currently has 136 volunteers but they need at least 900 by April.

"That's the hard part...We're calling on our community members, family, friends. Anybody that does not have a history of cancer, " add Megan Undeberg a new ACS volunteer.

Megan has a personal connection to the study. She just recovered from kidney cancer.

"Wow, those words no one wants to hear, I have cancer," Megan says.

But she isn't letting it stop her from trying to save others.

"I always said if I get through the cancer I want to help out in any way that I can and reach out the community. This is my one way I can do so," Megan says.

She is motivated by all the support she received on her own journey with cancer.

"Family, obviously always family, friends coworkers....its amazing the outpouring of support that every cancer survivor has just by being part of the unfortunate cancer club," says Megan.

Living with the disease has had a dramatic effect on the way she views daily occurrences.

"It sounds just trite, but truly the sunsets...yeah, they're pretty incredible," Megan adds emotionally.

"This is important because we're going to be able to find out a lot about what we can do to prevent cancer and what has caused cancer. And we want to have a time when people can have more birthdays," Patti informs.

"As a cancer survivor I celebrate my real birthday on September 1st, when I was born and then on October 11th is when I had my tumor removed so I call that my second birthday, when I really started living again," says Megan.

You can sign up for the cancer prevention study at www.cps3TwinPorts.org

Posted to the web by Gabrielle Ware