Superior, WI ( - The flood in June took a major toll on the UW-Superior campus. Now work is about to get underway to fix the damage "The flood that we had compromised a lot of our underground steam tunnels so over the next couple years we are going to phase in the renovations on those," said Tom Fennessey, Director of Facilities Management at UW-Superior. Starting at the end of May, UW-Superior will start ripping up the campus to replace and repair the steam lines. The new lines will be more energy efficient and will be able to withstand more water. "We are taking some precautions to make sure the water doesn't infiltrate the system as much as it did. We are raising some of the man hole areas and also, this new insulation can take some of the moisture and dry out so we wouldn't have a situation where we drop all the insulation like we did last time," said Dustin Johnson, Facilities Project Manager on campus. The project will be done in two phases and is projected to cost about 4 point 5 million dollars. Most of the construction will take place in the heart of campus, so people can expect to experience some detours. "They will be rerouting traffic, but traffic will still be able to get to all the buildings, pedestrians will still be able to get to all the buildings." said Fennessey. Since most of the construction is underground, changes will be subtle, but those subtle changes will put the campus in much better shape to handle whatever mother nature throws at it in the future. Project managers warn visitors to the campus to be aware of detours and watch for signs as the detour routes will be changing throughout the project. Construction will start once classes are done at the end of May and will run through the summer until September. Posted to the web by Kati Anderson.