Violent Beating Caught on tape Outside of Last Place On Earth

By KBJR News 1

October 11, 2012 Updated Oct 12, 2012 at 9:45 AM CDT

The Duluth attorney filed a lawsuit today against the controversial east Superior Street store "Last Place on Earth".

The city accuses the store of fostering disruptive and violent behavior in the area in front of the shop.

City Attorney Gunnar Johnson provided an example of that behavior and we want to warn you that the video is graphic in nature.

The city filed a notice of public nuisance for the Last Place on Earth Owner, Jim Carlson and his business...the lawsuit essentially says that there is a problem in Duluth and it is coming from the store, stemming from the sale of synthetic drugs.

The video shows the area just outside the store in the middle of the day.

A group of people had just come out of the store when a man is repeatedly hit.

After he falls to the ground the man is dragged and thrown into the street.

When then the assaulter runs away another man drags the victim out of the traffic lane to the edge of the street.

Attorney Johnson says that this video speaks volumes for the reason why the store is a dangerous nuisance.

He says activity near the store, includes not only fights but public urination, vomiting and garbage.

He says it disrupts one of the Northland's biggest industries, its tourism.

"If you're a tourist, you don't want to go to a place where you have to walk through a bunch of people waiting to get their drugs - and that you have a chance of encountering the type of violence that we see in that video," Johnson said.

Johnson adds that the issue extends beyond the City of Duluth.
He says there are people coming from other cities, buying large quantities of the synthetic drugs, and dispersing them within their own community and causing problems there.

The Northland's NewsCenter has not been able to connect with Carlson either through repeated phone calls or by visiting the Last Place on Earth.