Your Green Life: "Black Coffee Served Green"

By KBJR News 1

March 28, 2013 Updated Mar 28, 2013 at 7:34 AM CDT

Bayfield, WI
At the Big Water Café in little Bayfield Wisconsin, big things are happening.

Danielle Ewalt, the Owner of Big Water Cafe told me, "We obviously serve lattes and mocha's, and that requires a lot of milk. So we get all of our milk from Tetzners Dairy in Washburn. The purchase power of our dollar is going back into the local economy, goes to this family farm that's you know, 15 miles away."

You know you have found a special place when the business itself goes out of their way to buy local. And it doesn't stop with the dairy products.

"We're in this really beautiful area that has a lot of great farms with a lot of berry farms, so we purchase berries in the summer and fill our freezers and we use those local berries all winter for our baked goods." said Ewalt.

Buying local is great for small towns and the small businesses within them. But there is also a reusing program that turns the black beans into black dirt.

Ewalt said, "We have a local farmer with an organic farm who picks up all of our coffee grinds and he weighs them, and we do this thing every year, we've saved over a ton of beans from going in the landfill. He then uses them as fertilizer in various places around his farm so it's a cool, again, another sort of cycle locally in our economy here."

But the Big Water isn't stopping its green search, instead they are moving forward with the initiative to be more sustainable.

"Just a few weeks ago we had our certification inspection and within the next couple weeks as the paperwork goes through we will be a certified organic roaster and so the organic certification is a big step for us." Ewalt says.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch