Your Green Life: "Finding Sustainable Valentine's Gifts"

By KBJR News 1

February 14, 2013 Updated Feb 14, 2013 at 10:11 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
Flowers are always a nice gift for that special someone on Valentine's Day. But while you're browsing over the flower selection, why not ask for regionally grown flowers. Angela, the owner at Bella Flora says that Gerber Daisies make a great gift option.

"We like them a lot because they come here, they are about 3 hours away, so they get cut and they get brought straight to Bella Flora. I just know where it's been grown, I know the conditions they were grown under and were, you know, supporting a Minnesota business." Said Angela Stocke, the Owner of Bella Flora.

Those flowers come from a greenhouse in Plymouth Minnesota.
But don't just stop there; why not get your sweet heart a card made with sustainability in mind.

"Most of the card companies that we work with have some element of green. Either its recycled paper or they're using recycled printing presses or they are using soy ink." says Stocke.

Besides the good feeling about purchasing sustainable goods, what if you actually got rewarded for being sustainable? Well Abby Olson at Saffron and Grey tells me how they reward green customers.

Abby, the Co-Owner Saffron and Grey tells me, "We offer these really great gift certificates. They're for free fresh flowers, so with any vases you bring back we recycle them so we reuse them."

They reuse the vases you bring in, or donate them. But finding local fresh flowers in the dead of winter can be difficult. But there are still elements to bouquets that you can find here in the Northland.

"During the winter season we will be getting like winter greenery like spruce tops and holiday branches, greenery those kinds of things also from Minnesota vendors." Said Olson

If you are curious about buying regionally grown items don't be afraid to ask what's in stock. You may find it surprising what you can buy locally or sustainably, even in the winter.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch