Your Green Life: "Flying Green"

By KBJR News 1

November 29, 2012 Updated Nov 29, 2012 at 7:19 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
The new Duluth International airport will be more than a nice–looking building, it will be safer, cleaner and greener. It was the first airport to receive a grant to install a geothermal unit.

"We drilled a geothermal well field. There's 80 wells that are drilled, 512 feet deep. To help with both the heating and cooling of the building." Said Senior Project manager Mike Dosan.

Airport builders took further green steps in choosing low VOC paint and adhesive. Even the wood products used at the airport followed green protocol.

"Being able to use wood that has been followed through from the time that it was cut in the forest, where it was delivered, how it was processed, and then actually how it got to the job and how it's being used." said Dosan.

The new terminal is run with all state of the art energy efficient appliances and lights, while still maintaining the highest security standards. Dosan told me that once the terminal is finished, they will obtain a silver status from the Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design program.

Dosan said "With LEED certification it brings it up a notch, and I think a lot of projects are now leaning towards being at some level of LEED certification so you are seeing it more and more, especially in public projects."

Dosen hopes that the new terminal will make a long lasting first impression on new visitors to the area.

"This is going to be kind of a gate–way for Duluth. For people who haven't been here before, this is going to be their first impression of Duluth and it's going to be a really excellent first impression we think."

The new terminal is expecting its first plane on January 14th at 6a[m. The old terminal will be torn down, and a new parking structure will also be installed.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch