Your Green Life: "Gilley's Naturals"

By KBJR News 1

December 20, 2012 Updated Dec 20, 2012 at 7:35 AM CDT

Cook, MN
This small business has made it their business to ensure your skin is soft and your muscles relaxed, all with the finest organic ingredients. Jill Gilley is the owner of this small business that started up about 3 years ago.

The owner of Gilley's, Jill Gilley, says"Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so the things that you put on your skin that are absorbed through your skin, it's very important to try to keep those things natural."

Because all the products are organic and natural, people with sensitive skin and even babies can use these products. Jill's daughter, Sarah, helps around the shop and even uses the products on her own children.

"A lot of stuff they say 5 and up, 6 and up, this and that, and there's not a lot of bug spray and things that you can put on their face because they get a hold of it and they eat it or whatever. Where most of this can be ingested because it's made, the base is bee's wax." Said Sarah Rautiola.

The base product is usually bee's wax, but there are a plethora of other ingredients for a variety of ailments.

Gilley Says pointing out all the ingredients, "Canola oil, camellia seed, avocado, mango butter, orange blend butter, things like kokum, palm, shay butter, (Pumpkin seed butter) things that are used consistently in natural products."

Gilley has been making, and using, these herbal products for over 20 years, so she knows the exactly what natural ingredients will help you.

"It's the perfect blend of science and art, you can be very creative and yet you have to have a love for science at the same time." says Gilley.

Gilley's store also supports other local vendors by selling art and other homemade crafts. But in the end it's her passion for creating natural products that wins over the customers.

Gilley says, "We try to use organic because we believe organic is better, we believe organic certification on things means something."

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