Zombie Outbreak At Haunted Irvine Ship

By KBJR News 1

October 5, 2012 Updated Oct 5, 2012 at 9:46 PM CDT

(DULUTH,MN)---Halloween is just weeks away and if you haven't put your costume together, maybe you will get a few ideas from the Zombie Outbreak Tour at the Irvin Haunted Ship.

The haunted ship is under new management this year and employees say the experience will be like never before.

The mission is to give visitors a heart–pulsing experience along with being being safe and entertaining.

"There are a couple different classifications of 'scarys' we like to use.
There is pop out scarys where they pop out in front of your face and scream. There's the creep factor scary, where they are eating a body—that creeps people out. There's the pitch black hallways where you can't see and we make sure that it is totally black where you can't even see you hand in front of your face."

Tours run for the entire month of October.

Tickets for adults and children 13 and up are $10, children 12 and under are $8.

Justin Reis, NNC. jreis@northlandsnewscenter.com