Cheeseheads Curdle over Controversial Call

By KBJR News 1

Cheeseheads Curdle over Controversial Call

September 25, 2012 Updated Sep 25, 2012 at 10:41 PM CDT

Superior, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) - Less than 24 hours after Monday night's upset in Seattle, and—as to be expected—for Packer fans, the wound is still fresh.

"We watched the game last night, and were just so mad we could not even get to sleep afterwards. The fact that one ref could say 'touchdown,' and the other ref could say 'time out'—they're not even agreeing on the field! [You] look at the play, you can see what happened," said Packer-backer Diana Zychowski, from Chicago.

And, as if to add salt to the wound, it's a play that many Packer fans just can't forget... that is, until it stops being the Sports Center highlight.

"It's just on TV—the controversy—'was he down?' You hope that the refs are actually going to call the right call, and it just didn't happen," said Dakota Casper, an employee for Grizzly's Grill & Saloon, in Superior.

"I sat here, and I complained about it earlier—I definitely did my complaining. I really hope that the current refs that they have either learn some stuff really, really quick, or we get the regular refs back," said Elizebeth Lyons, who says she has been a Packer fan as long as she has been a football fan.

It's a feeling felt mutually by Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews, who Tweeted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's phone number shortly after Monday's game.

While the call left a bad taste in the mouths of many Packer–backers, it was still just one of many bad calls made throughout the night.

"Throughout the whole game it was just bad flags, everything. There was over 200 yards in penalties," said Casper.

...which has left Cheeseheads, like Lyons, finding support in some unusual places, like her Dallas Cowboy–loving boyfriend.

"He said he actually felt bad for the way the calls went, and that coming from a Cowboy's fan... wow," said Lyons.

...at least that's something for fans to agree on.

Last night's controversial call puts Green Bay at one win and two losses for the regular season.