City Responds to Washed Out Culvert in Superior

By KBJR News 1

Credit: Richard K

The culvert in Superior that was recently installed after last year's floods washed out following last night's storm, flooding some homes in Central Park.

June 21, 2013 Updated Jun 21, 2013 at 1:08 PM CDT

Superior, WI (NNCNOW.com) --- The City of Superior has sent out a statement on the Marina Drive Culvert that washed away due to last night's storms, causing flooding in Central Park.

Below is the letter city officials sent out concerning the washed out culvert:

Rain event of June 20th and June 21st, 2013 has washed out a section of the pipe on the upstream end of the new culvert, placed under Marina Drive in 2012 following the flood of June, 2012.

Our consultant designed the repair of Marina Drive based on hydraulic model of Faxon Creek watershed which outlets at this location, and has backwater/flooding impacts to areas including Central Park. City's proposed solution for this area to help alleviate upstream flooding was to connect the Marina Drive culvert to pipe under East 2nd Street for improved flow of water from Faxon Creek. The end section has been sitting, waiting for connection for nearly a year, as City has been awaiting a decision from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on a permit application for said connection.

As the pipe sat, it became vulnerable to wash out in last night's rain event and under high flows in Faxon Creek, water created an uplift which bent up the pipe, blocking flow of water out to Lake Superior. This created the flood condition seen this morning.

City has contracted and removed the trouble section of pipe and restored flow of water through this area as of 11:00 am Friday morning. City is continuing to perform a study of best options to reduce flooding in Faxon Creek watershed.

“This is very troubling and frustrating on our part--and now, residents have again been impacted and the City will incur another expense to repair road and culvert that should not have washed out. If our engineering calculations had been reviewed and believed by DNR local staff, I feel that we would have been granted the permit and had this addressed,” said Mayor Bruce Hagen.

This is yet another excellent example of a state agency not being willing or able to be of assistance, dragging their feet and causing good hard working and tax paying citizens to suffer unnecessary and undo costs, emotional strain and severe loss in the name of what?

The issuance of a permit, received today, June 21st, from the DNR, one day after this current disaster, and one year after submitting a permit application to solve the issue, the permit and its requirements do absolutely nothing to prevent other similar disasters occurring.

If City and DNR are really going to work as partners in getting projects permitted, we really need to infuse a dose of common sense and talk about how to make projects work for the good of the public versus creating an impasse and costing the public more money.

Marina Drive is closed and will remain closed. Pipe section obstruction flow was removed. Additional material is being installed around the inlet to minimize scour and the potential for further damage. A saftey fence is being installed to keep the public away.

Status as of 10:30 am this morning:

• 2.60” of rainfall at the WWTP (2.00” today and 0.60” yesterday)
• Of the 12 resident calls received at ESD, 6 were for water-in-basements. Five of those 6 were along Faxon Creek.
• There are 4 sanitary sewer overflows occurring at this time
• Lift station by Newton Creek (Lift Station 5)
• 2 in Central Park
• One located ½ block south of North 21st Street
• Several manholes have been overtopped by Faxon Creek
• All pumps are running at the combined sewer treatment facility
• The level in the basin is 2.5 feet below the emergency spillway
• The basin level is dropping (improving)

Posted to the web by Krista Burns