Deer Spends Night Caught in Soccer Net; Wisconsin Wardens Score Rescue

By KBJR News 1

Credit: WI DNR

Deer Spends Night Caught in Soccer Net; Wisconsin Wardens Score Rescue

October 29, 2012 Updated Nov 2, 2013 at 4:59 AM CDT

La Crosse, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) --- Whether it was a frenzied attempt to score a goal or a botched block, one deer in La Crosse, WI spent a very long night tied up in a soccer net.

However, freedom came the next morning when two Wisconsin conservation wardens came equipped with a knife, some strategic smarts and the ability to hold steady and strong from a safe distance.

The buck was discovered Saturday morning on October 27th when some passing Viterbo University baseball players were on their way to practice.

“This was a good-sized adult buck,” said Tyler Strelow of the Mississippi River Team when he eyeballed the deer the wardens guessed had been there all night.

“There was mud all trampled down," added Conservation Warden Ed McCann of La Crosse. “You could see it from the highway. It was tired. Its antlers were very tangled in the net.”

The two wardens had to weigh their options and come up with the safest plan both for them and the deer in order to free the buck.

McCann had to tie a knife around a long trap stick so he and Strelow could stay away at a safe distance in case the deer began to thrash around.

Strelow held the soccer net taut while guiding the deer forward as McCann carefully cut the net.

“Trying to hold on while a 200-pound deer is thrashing in a net while your partner is trying to cut the net close to the deer’s head got very exciting,” Strelow said.

However, once the deer was free from the net, there was still one more obstacle in the way before the buck was completely out of the woods.

The buck could no longer jump over the fence that surrounded the field after the deer's long night tied up in the net.

So the wardens got some people to help open the field fence. It wasn’t too long before the deer found the opening and dashed off to freedom.

Cheers echoed from the onlookers that had gathered around the conservation officers during the whole ordeal. Score one for the wardens -- and one for the buck that dashed into the woods, still sporting a touch of net on its antlers.

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