Man Charged in Homicide Trial Takes the Stand

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Man Charged in Homicide Trial Takes the Stand

March 6, 2012 Updated Mar 6, 2012 at 10:10 PM CDT

Menomonie, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) --- A Sarona, WI man who was charged for first degree intentional homicide in the death of Michael T. Elliott back in July of 2010 took the stand today in court.

According to the Spooner Advocate, Jess Carsello, 49, took the stand today to detail the events of July 24, 2010 that led to Elliott's death in Sarona, WI.

Carsello described the events of July 24th, saying that he and Elliott had been having a cordial day with each other. The two then bought alcoholic drinks at the Lakeside Market in Shell Lake and brought them back to Carsello's house where they proceeded to drink.

After several rounds of drinking, Carsello said that Elliott's attitude changed and Elliott began to suggest that he would steal items from Carsello's home.

Carsello said Elliott's behavior worried him and asked him to leave, however Carsello said that Elliott refused to leave.

Carsello said that Elliott responded aggressively when he tried to put a hand on Elliott's shoulder in an emphatic gesture.

Carsello said that as he started to clean up around his house in order to get Elliott to leave, he was punched in the left eye by someone.

Carsello said he fell to the ground and was feeling fearful for his life. Carsello says he got up and made his way to the basement of his house to grab a 9mm pistol. While he was in his basement, Carsello says he thought he heard someone going to his bedroom to get a .45 pistol from his nightstand.

Carsello said he waited several minutes before he made his way back up the stairs from the basement. At first, Carsello said he did not see anyone, but then saw someone who appeared to be reaching into their back pocket for a weapon.

Carsello said he aimed a first shot down towards the ground and then turned to escape from his house. Carsello said he continued to fire shots while not looking at his assailant.

Carsello said he called 911 before he exited the house and waited in the woods for authorities to arrive on scene.

After Carsello finished detailing the events of July 24th, 2010, Carsello was cross-examined by Washburn County District Attorney Michael Bitney.

Tomorrow, both the defense and prosecuting attorneys will present their closing arguments.

According to the Spooner Advocate, the criminal complaint alleges that Carsello shot Elliott six times in the back . Carsello has pleaded not guilty and claims he shot Elliott in self defense.

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