A Hunter's Worst Nightmare

By KBJR News 1

October 8, 2011 Updated Oct 10, 2011 at 8:12 PM CDT

"It's not everyday you encounter a bear in the woods...they usually run. You don't have to worry about it"

Not everyday, but October 8th was different for Charlie Lehman and Tiffany Mallow.

"I was out in my stand hunting deer. At a certain time he was supposed to pick me up. There a gravel road that leads up to my stand. When he did not see me at the road, he waited a few minutes then went to the woods to find me" said Tiffany Mallow.

What he found was terrifying.

His girlfriend, hiding in her stand under a burlap cover, while a hungry black bear was feeding on her corn bait just thirty yards away.

Charlie waited 20 minutes and when the bear refused to leave he tried to scare it away.

The bear then attacked.

"I was still in the stand, we were under the blind. I'm listening to my boyfriend scream and tussle with this bear. I knocked an arrow. I shot the bear in the lungs, got a double lung shot. Dropped the bear instantly and my boyfriend got a couple stabs in the neck with his pocket knife"

The bear was wounded but not dead after retreating back to the stand, Charlie want to make sure it was dead.

It wasn't and it had another go at Charlie biting his leg deeply before letting go and retreating into the woods.

Charlie was rushed to Essentia Health, St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth after making it back to the road. Tiffany and two Superior Police officers turned to the woods and found the wounded bear.

The animal was then put down.

Charlie was released from the hospital last night and is at home recuperating.

He says he will still go back into the woods to hunt again.

Written for the web by: Zach Vavricka