NTSB Recommends Lowering Legal BAC to .05%

By KBJR News 1

NTSB Recommends Lowering Legal BAC to .05%

May 14, 2013 Updated May 14, 2013 at 4:19 PM CDT

Washington, D.C. (NBC NEWS) - The National Transportation Safety Board wants states to make big changes to greatly reduce the number of lives lost in drunk driving crashes.

The NTSB announced its proposals Tuesday on the 25th anniversary of the deadliest alcohol related crash in American history.

On this day in 1988, a drunk driver drove the wrong way on a highway in Kentucky, hit a school bus and killed 24 children and three adults.

Officials say if all 50 states changed the blood alcohol limit to .05 percent, 1,000 lives could be saved each year.

The board is also suggesting installing Ignition Interlocks for all drunk driving offenders.

The last time the blood alcohol level limits were reduced from .10 to .08, it took 21 years for all states to implement the change.