Barry ZeVan Hopes to Boost Polish Pride

By KBJR News 1

November 29, 2012 Updated Nov 29, 2012 at 4:34 PM CDT

Back in the old days, racial and ethnic humor was a staple of show business and society.
Over the years, what can be called political correctness has solved the problem for many groups of people.
Some, though, are still the butt of jokes and Dave Anderson introduces us to a man who is trying to end that for Polish Americans, too.

"I like Barry ZeVan the Weatherman."

Sammy Davis Junior liked Barry Zevan the weatherman along with hundreds of thousands of other viewers in Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and Minneapolis.

ZeVan has also been a radio personality, Air Force meteorologist and stage and screen actor.
Those skills and connections made him the Jack McKenna Heatwave Burler George Kessler of his time and place.

"They believed in me and I think in any business whether you're a meteorologist; I had Jimmy Durante say once on a promo meatheadologist!"

Retired from the TV weather game, ZeVan has taken time to ponder his Polish heritage and what Poles have given to the world.

"Madame Curie, Copernicus, Chopin..."

That got him to thinking about stereotypes.

"I thought, wait a minute, there are Polish jokes."

Northlanders of Polish heritage know all about that.

"I've heard a lot of them, yup!"

That turned the seventy something ex-TV personality into a bit of an activist.
He developed a pair of slogans.

"Poland, that's not a joke, never was. Being Polish, it's not a joke, never was."

Barry now markets products with the slogans to boost Polish pride.
Part of the proceeds go to unwanted children in Poland.

"Orphanages and orphans are a big part of Polish society, unfortunately."

Through his new line of work, Barry Zevan the Weatherman has realized that a lot of racial and ethnic humor is hurtful.
He says no nationality should be a door mat.

"No country should be. I don't care if it is Latvia or Lithuania or any other place. Here in the states it could be Montana or whatever!"

You can find out more about Barry Zevan's Polish Pride products and how they help orphans at the website "being polish" dot com.