Wisconsin School District Teachers Recieve Preliminary Lay-Off Notices

By KBJR News 1

February 26, 2011 Updated Feb 26, 2011 at 6:43 PM CDT

Wisconsin (Northland's Newscenter)If the Wisconsin Senate passes Governor Walkers Budget Repair Bill, The collective bargaining rights of many public workers will be eliminated.

Because the bill is currently in the hands of the senate, many school districts in the state of Wisconsin are bracing for the worst.

Teachers in the Maple School District will receive a preliminary lay off notice by this Monday.

The Maple School districts plan is to follow the states non–renewal procedures in order to play it on the safe side and preserve their options for cuts that may lie ahead.

The current teacher contract states that lay–off notices must be issued by the first of May.

However, part of Govenor Walkers budget repair bill, would eliminate the statue that allows districts to negotiate a timeline for lay off notices.

The Superior school district, however, is going about the matter in a different way.They're hoping to avoid sending preliminary lay of notices.

The Superior Federation of teachers held an emergency meeting this evening to discuss a plan.

Several items are being discussed, among those, whether or not to accept the boards proposal to continue the current contract and whether or not to extend the deadlines for lay–off notices.

Members at the meeting also discussed taking a closer look at teachers nearing the window of retirement.

"This will give them time to get information back form the Wisconsin retirement system to know what they would get in retirement and to know what they would be loosing if they would continue to work for the district," said Dana Parask of the Superior Federation of Teachers.

The Hayward School District in Sawyer County is planning to go ahead with plans and potentially lay off 27 teachers.

Posted to the web: Jennifer Walch