Wolves Prey On Wisconsin Cattle

By KBJR News 1

April 4, 2012 Updated Apr 4, 2012 at 6:32 PM CDT

South Range, WI (Northlands NewsCenter)
-- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a bill to control the wolf population, by allowing the recently de-listed animals to be hunted. This, despite opposition from some, who say the DNR, not politicians should make decisions about population management efforts.

In the south range near superior Mike Mikrot is in the cattle business.

He owns four different pieces of land where cows roam on the dry brown grass of spring in northern Wisconsin.

But Mikrot has a problem.


"The wolves up here have become dependent on eating our cattle. They like them better then the deer and rabbits.

It's a big problem

"Last year 36 calves and 4 cows"

40 of his animals killed and that was just on this piece of land in Mikrot's backyard.

It's a problem that has been happening for 10 years.

Lawmakers that represent the south range say a new Wisconsin law allowing a hunting season for wolves isn't the answer.

Although they don't deny the problem haunting farmers in Douglas County

"We want to make sure the DNR has the chance to properly manage the population without getting them back to being a threat and being an endangered species"

They want the DNR to make the decisions about any hunting season not politicians.

"Reduce it in the way in which you manage it in the best interest of sustaining not destroying it"

But Mikrot isn't worried about hunters destroying the wolf population.

"They weren't hunted or trapped to extinction, they were poisoned. They're too much...they are just too smart"

He's just trying to protect his cattle to provide for his family.

The wolf hunting and trapping season will begin in October and run through February.