Your Green Life: "Fishing for Sustainability"

By KBJR News 1

April 4, 2013 Updated Apr 4, 2013 at 9:25 AM CDT

Bayfield, WI

Some of the freshest fish can be found in the little town of Bayfield.
But some sustainable practices are also easy to find.

"I believe we were certified green in 2006 so its been 6 years." Said Jeffery Bodin, the Manager of Bodin's Fishery.

One key goal of Bodin's Fishery is educating others about their sustainable practices.

"One of our programs that we do here is we give educational tours to children, to teachers, to basically anyone who calls and asks." Said Bodine.

Teaching the younger generations to appreciate this delectable, natural resource is very important. But they also aim to waste as little as possible.

"The waste in the summer we use, we compost it with the local arboror. In the winter we are just freezing it right now," Bodin tells me, "But in the summer it will be composted and turned into seedless black dirt"

Fish is a little tricky to compost, but when done right it can add a great source of Nitrogen in soils. But Bodin's isn't just recycling fish guts, they also recycle precious heat.

Bodine says, "We harness our compressors that are air cooled and we transferred that warm air back into the building."

Bodin said it was a natural choice to go green.

"All of us in the Northland are basically green to start with."

Bodin's's products can be found in many local stores in the area as well as across the country and even internationally.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch