Your Green Life: "Green Ice Fishing"

By KBJR News 1

January 9, 2014 Updated Jan 9, 2014 at 9:13 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
If its not too cold, ice fishing can be a fun and exciting outdoor activity.
But its important to be mindful of the environment while on the ice.
Conservation Officer Kipp Duncan said he's seen fisherman leave their litter after packing.

"Cans and bottles and wood." says Officer Duncan.

Come the spring thaw all that littler has to go somewhere.

"That's either going to sink to the bottom of the lake once the ice thaws out or its going to float into some people property and it just looks bad." Officer Duncan explains.

Every person is responsible for cleaning up their trash on the ice.
Even ice shelters need to be completely removed by the end of the season.

Officer Duncan said, "Some of them have the tendency to freeze into the ice and then they have troubles getting that off the ice. Maybe they have to cut the upper part off and then there's wood or stuff frozen into the ice, it is their responsibility to make sure all of that is removed."

But litter isn't the only thing to be conscious of. Making sure you abide by the state laws is also important for maintaining a health fish population.

"State of Minnesota has limits and regulations, so if a limit of fish is caught that day, that person, they're done fishing." says Officer Duncan.

Not all anglers leave a mess. But the best rule is to leave your spot cleaner than when you got there.

Officer Duncan noted, "Fisherman are sportsman, their good people, they do the right thing, and they clean up. There are a small number of people that do leave things on the ice."

Keeping smaller fish and letting the big ones go is also a good practice, but is not a law. Bigger fish have better reproductive ability than smaller fish, helping grow the population.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch