Your Green Life: "Greener Lights At Bentleyville"

By KBJR News 1

October 18, 2012 Updated Oct 18, 2012 at 7:13 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
It's hard to think about seeing your breath, a layer of white snow on the ground, and a beautifully lit Bayfront Park in October. But the people at Bentleyville are already constructing a magnificent display for the holiday season.

The Event Coordinator and creator for Bentleyville, Nathan Bentley told me, "We're continuing our efforts to change all of our traditional lights down here at Bayfront to LED lights. We did that when we added out 128ft tree, when we added lights to Railroad St. and now we are actually adding more of the LED lights inside the trees."

LED lights are not a new technology, but many people are still using traditional lights for decorations on their own houses. The truth is, those people are missing out on some big savings.

"The energy savings when we're plugging in LED lights verse traditional lights, we're seeing that we are consuming 50% less in power need when we are using LED lights, which is significant." Said Bentley

Traditional bulbs waste up to 90% of their energy on heat rather than light, and less heat means less of a risk of fire hazards in your home. Although not all the lights have been switched to LED's at Bentleyville, they are making strides in that direction.

Bentley told me, "Eventually as displays wear out or we change things around with all the new displays that come in they will eventually all be LED. It will take a number of years to do it, but that's the way we are going."

If Bentleyville can save some money, then you can too by simply switching to LED lights this holiday season.

Amy Rutledge with Minnesota Power told me LED lights are a great start for any eager homeowner who wants to save more money, "Minnesota Power will certainly get questions about, 'I want to me more energy efficient around my home, I'd like to see some savings on my electric bill but how do I get started?' and certainly investing in LED holiday lights is a really simple way to start."

The price comparison of traditional versus LED is fairly similar at the stores. LED's need to be replaced less frequently as well, saving you precious time during a hectic holiday season.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch