Active Eagle Nests Temporarily Close Sites in Voyageurs National Park

By KBJR News 1

Active Eagle Nests Temporarily Close Sites in Voyageurs National Park

April 25, 2012 Updated Apr 25, 2012 at 12:32 PM CDT

Biologists for the Voyageurs National Park located 72 bald eagle nests within the park boundary.

The biologists were conducting their 40th consecutive spring aerial survey to determine the number and location of nesting pairs present.

It was determined that 34 nests were occupied by adult pairs, compared to 37 nests in 2011 and 30 in 2010.

It was found that Eagles are incubating eggs on nests throughout the park, including 1 on Crane Lake, 2 on Sandpoint Lake, 6 on Namakan Lake, 16 on Kabetogama Lake, and 9 on Rainy Lake.

6 new nests have been found inside Voyageurs National Park since the start of the 2011 breeding season, while 7 nests have been lost.

Some eagles nest in late March and early April and others many not nest until late April.

The closed areas are marked with signs and buoys.

Four of the park's 200 developed day-use, camping and houseboat sites are affected by temporary closures such as:

-Rainy Lake: Sand Bay South and Skipper Rock Island houseboat sites.
-Kabetogama Lake: Yoder Island houseboat site and Happy Landing Campsite.
-The West Sphunge Island on Kabetogama Lake.

Since 1992, The park has temporarily closed the land and water areas around active bald eagle nests to visitor use during critical nesting periods.

Park managers ask that both motorized and non-motorized watercrafts to not travel within 200 meters of nests.

Boaters are also encouraged to not stop on the water within 200 yards of an active nest.

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