Hunting For Agates Along Lake Superior

By KBJR News 1

August 11, 2010 Updated Aug 11, 2010 at 10:08 AM CDT

Posted by Melissa Burlaga

Lake Superior is just beginning to release it's wintry grip on the frozen shores.

All season, winter waves have been piling tons of frozen material on the shores.

Now as the days get longer, and the sun's rays get stronger, the treasures that winter has scoured from the depths are starting to emerge.

I recently went to Agate City in Two Harbors to get the scoop on the new crop.

"The ice during the winter pushes up new rock all the time so do the storms with the waves. "

Bob Lynch has been working with rocks for over thirty years.

He has polished one of the largest collections of Lake Superior Agates in the world.

"You can take take a rock like this that doesn't show a lot but may have decent banding and you can end up with something like this. It makes you feel pretty good.

This one that he recently purchased and polished is a new favorite, others were found closer to home.

"These were found here in Two Harbors the one on the Left was found in Burlington bay, right one was found in a gravel pit."

Lynch agrees that it's early, but time to start looking forward to agate hunting season.

You'll see on the beaches there's new ridges just millions of rocks in those ridges, just millions of rocks in those ridges, and often they're full of agates."

So get ready to go beach combing for Northland treasure.

"They're almost like gold, every year the value seems to go up on the good stuff."

Rock hunters need to remember to stay on public land.

Insiders say one of the hidden gems of the area is actually Duluth's Park Point.

"Agates can be found anywhere around Lake Superior or in the river and streams near it or emptying into it."