Ski Lodge Risen From Ashes

By KBJR News 1

January 5, 2012 Updated Jan 5, 2012 at 7:29 PM CDT

Bessemer, MI (Northlands NewsCenter) -- Nearly a year after the Big Powder horn Ski Lodge went up in flames; the staff has opened their doors again for business. With a new modern design, owner Bruce Noren (Nor- een) hopes the character of the old lodge in Bessemer Michigan will shine through.

"The lodge was an old wood structure built in 1964 and it sure didn't take long for that fire to just get huge and out of control so we were all very saddened by the loss of our lodge. A lot of memories for our guests. A lot of memories for our staff in that building.

Memories that Noren hopes will return with a state of the art warming lodge, which opened December 19th. Despite having an unresurrectable building because of all the flame damage, the new building has a few more amenities and it's also moved up from the street.

"This has a very open floor plan design, has a lot of windows, brings in a lot of sunlight. It's situated uphill from where the old lodge was so our skiing guests ski down to it and from it. It's surrounded on three sides with ski terrain so it's very convenient for our guests to come into and out of."

The new lodge is actually 15 thousand square feet smaller than the previous structure with salvaged woods from a year ago used in parts of the resort. Victorriaa Oliver has lived in Ironwood Michigan all her life and is happy to create new memories in the new lodge.

"Well this is my first day here at the new lodge and I haven't even toured the whole thing yet but I really really like what I see. I know over the summer while construction was going on we would all drive by and see how it was going. It is really really nice. I like how the windows are bigger towards the ski hill. It kind of reminds me of some bigger resorts that I've seen downstate."

Fortunately for owner Noren, the old lodge had significant insurance coverage which allowed to build the new Big Powder Horn chalet.

A small portion of the lodge remains under construction, but is expected to be completely finished within a few weeks.

Jordan Weinand