The Barnes Community Rebuilds, Nature greens up after Devastating Fire

By KBJR News 1

June 6, 2013 Updated Jun 6, 2013 at 11:29 AM CDT


The Germann Road Fire had a devastating effect on the people of Barnes, Wisconsin but experts say it will end up having a good impact on the surrounding forest.

The forest that was charred and blacked just weeks ago, has now begun to sprout new life.

"Basically after everything burns, the ash in the area acts like a little bit of a nutrient flush, it's kind of like a fertilizer in your garden or your lawn," says Eric Martin, a forest ranger in Barnes.

Greenup, the sprouting of new plant life, began to happen in most areas just days after the fire took place.

"Well greenup does come pretty fast...especially with the amount of rain we've had and the warm temperatures," says Nichol Martin, Brule forest ranger.

"The area around here is adapted to fire as an ecosystem, so long before man was ever here it always burned on kind of a regular basis anyway," Eric Martin informs.

Jack pine is one of the species that needs fire to open up its cone and release seed.

"The soil types are kind of perfect for that jack pine, red pine that's really prevalent in the area," says Nichol Martin.

And although the fire may have killed many aspen trees, their seeds remain intact within the soil.

"It's just kind of a natural process, when it burns things die and other things get rejuvenated," Eric Martin adds.

The Barnes Ranger Station is providing aid to residents who need help in salvaging burned trees on their property.

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