Weather Cools Off Pagami Creek Fire

By KBJR News 1

September 15, 2011 Updated Sep 15, 2011 at 8:28 PM CDT

Colder Temperatures and cooler winds across the north land have slowed the pace of the Pagami Creek Fire as it pushes south but its not yet under control.

These fire fighters, about 15 miles outside of Isabella are working to control a fierce and fiery opponent.

"A little spotty, little fires popping up but we've been able to get a handle on it"

Attacking these spotty fires is vital to controlling the main blaze. These men and women are supplying water to the fire line.

The Pagami Creek Fire has seen some stability, but still pushes south with crews coming in by the hundreds from California to New Jersey.

"its a rush epically when you see visible flames"

The blaze now covers approximately ten percent of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.. about 101,000 acres.

Blackened Bark and the smell of smoke still linger in the air after fire rolled through this part of the BWCA.

"Its an experience you're driving down the road it's all green and then it's nothing but black toothpicks"

The blaze has left virtually everything dead in it's path, expect this restroom, which is made of concrete.

Equipment from air support, to bull dozers and tankers are trying to drown the flames, and transport supplies and firefighters in and out of the Wilderness.

Firefighters are concentrating on the southern edge of the fire, building fire lines and burning fuel before the flames can feed on them and spread.

Even though the fire has slowed people in Wisconsin, Michigan, and even as far away as Chicago can smell the smoke.

Written for the web by: Zach Vavricka